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Azure Monitor now supports alerts for Azure Backup

Built-in Azure Monitor Alerts for Azure Backup is now generally available. With this solution, users receive default alerts for critical scenarios related to backup security and job failures, that are integrated with Azure Monitor. You can monitor these alerts at scale via either the Azure Monitor dashboard or via Backup center, and route these alerts to various notification channels of choice.

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Difference between Azure on-demand reserved capacity and Reserved Instances.

A cloud budget is a financial strategy that projects how much an organization will spend on cloud computing services over a specific time frame. Forecasting and allocating funds for various cloud computing components are considered to be part of cloud budgeting. A cloud budget differs from an IT budget. All expenditures made by the IT department of the organization, including cloud services, are included in the IT budget. A Cloud Budget allots amount for the cloud component of software engineering, which is why it is important to avoid confusing them.

Microsoft Azure provides multiple options such as autoscaling, hybrid benefit, etc to plan cost optimization. But reserving the instances can help save your cloud cost significantly. In this article I talk about two available options for capacity reservation: On-demand capacity reservation and Reserved instances.

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What is Azure Bastion Service?

Bastion provides secure RDP and SSH connectivity to all of the VMs in the virtual network in which it is provisioned. Using Azure Bastion protects your virtual machines from exposing RDP/SSH ports to the outside world, while still providing secure access using RDP/SSH.

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How to troubleshoot Azure VM connectivity?

Troubleshooting a virtual machine connectivity can sometimes be quite tricky since we don’t have complete control on the underlying hardware and restricted on the options available at the operating system level.

In this article I explain how you can troubleshoot you VM connectivity issue.

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Difference between Network Security Group and Application Security Group in Azure.

Microsoft Azure provides different services to monitor and control network. Application Security Group (ASG) and Network security group (NSG) are two of those services. Though designed to serve entirely different purpose, the similarity in the name is often the point of confusion.

In this article I briefly talk about NSG and ASG along with key differences between them.

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